Simple Content Conquer Social Media

“There’s no need to re-create everything from scratch … Look at some of the early adopters, see what they’ve done and see if it makes sense for your organization. And then think about what you need to do to customize it.” – Dave Fletcher, Utah chief technology officer–

Bus Helper, Siomay Seller and Social Media

It’s very fascinating to look at the development of Social Media in Indonesia in recent years, especially with tagline “Bringing the separation between the near and far”. Some people understand it and believe to shorten the distance and time but they still could be bond with their culture as well.

Banjir Jakarta 2013 in Social Media

Jakarta is having its yearly friend coming over, flood. This flood goes over the heart of the city, hindering several companies to work as usual. Estimated it will go for another 8 – 9 days before the flood subsides. With most Jakarta people are active in the internet world, this news quickly spread in social… Continue reading Banjir Jakarta 2013 in Social Media

Will You Invest Too Much on Twitter Buzzer?

Nowadays, when we talk about digital campaign seems like Twitter Buzzer become a must! We don’t realize that people are good at distinguish where’s the tweet that use buzzer or tweet that happened without paying the person as a buzzer. It makes the Twitter Buzzer wasn’t relevance and effective anymore.

Uncle Gets Second “Worst” Job in the World!

Haiz… Some people are just sooooo “unlucky”.

“Worst” Job in the World

Pity him sooooo much, right? So sad for the guy …

Conventional Media VS Social Media

Basic difference between conventional media and social media is the communication between communicator and communicant.

192 Million Facebook Mobile Users Are From Android Phone

That number is quite shocking because in September 2011, Facebook mobile users from Android phone are only 66 million while Facebook mobile users from iPhone at that time are 91 million. But right before 2012, the total number of users that were using Android phone to access Facebook mobile has beat the total number of… Continue reading 192 Million Facebook Mobile Users Are From Android Phone

Make Your Brand Followable in Social Media

There was so many reason that makes a brand “followable” in Social Media. Let us think on followers perspective – “What kind of brand that I will like or follow in social networking like Facebook or Twitter?”

Which Type of Facebook Fans Are You?

The population of the world has moved to Facebook! Don’t believe it? Try saying that to the ONE BILLION people who are active on Facebook monthly.