NASA Unveils Incredible ‘Global Selfie’ of Earth

A month ago, NASA (the organization of aerospace from USA) invite all people in the world to do the Selfie and share it through various social media completed with the hashtag #globalselfie. NASA invites all the people all over the world to do the selfie at their own location in April 22nd, 2014. They also… Continue reading NASA Unveils Incredible ‘Global Selfie’ of Earth

Google Launches An Instagram Account

On Monday, May 19th 2014, Google finally decides to create its own account in instagram. Although they have their own social media, Google+, Instagram which is the largest photography social media seems more attractive to Google, the giant Information Technology company. The Instagram account that owns by Google creates their first ponting about the homepage… Continue reading Google Launches An Instagram Account

A Look Back, How Facebook Celebrate 10 Years Birthdays

Yesterday  Facebook has just celebrate their 10th birthday. Waw, Facebook are this far ya. I think  Mark Zuckenberg never thought that facebook will go this far. From Harvard social networking now facebook become the biggest social networking in the world! Mark Zuckenberg and Team ask us to celebrate Facebook’s Birthday with their new feature called  Look back.… Continue reading A Look Back, How Facebook Celebrate 10 Years Birthdays

Facebook Introduces New Applications, Paper.

After being successful, Facebook wants to hit the digital world once again with their newest application, some time ago Facebook officially introduced the Paper. Unlike rumor says, the paper is not a digital newspaper, but Facebook itself. Maybe now you are bored with the look of the news feed on your facebook accounts, because they… Continue reading Facebook Introduces New Applications, Paper.

Recalling the Early Years of Twitter

Twitter has been a phenomenon these days. We are living around digital world and almost everyone now has a Twitter account for everything

Bad Social Media

Social media in recent days penetrates more in our life. In every aspect, social media impacts on our daily life. At some points, it’s absolutely useful for us to facilitate doing anything, such as getting new and real time information, convenient and fast-response conversation, or even getting useful tips for cooking. However, in the other… Continue reading Bad Social Media

How People Spend Their Time Online

From this infographic that Go Gulf created, we know that only 30% of world’s population that use internet. This infographic objective is to show how people behavior using internet everywhere around the world. Another fact of internet users behaviors is that the average time that global internet user spent online per month is 16 hours.

Get the Celeb Tweeted!

Twitter is a world where everyone can speak up their mind and communicate to each other. Here’s one of our client, @ceritamucom which we handled recently. Good news, two of those tweets was retweeted by an Indonesian celebrity, Vino G Bastian. Those tweets told about Tampan Tailor, the recent movie where Vino plays a role… Continue reading Get the Celeb Tweeted!

100 Million of Facebook Users Are Not Human

A few times ago Facebook claimed that they have 1 billion active users per month, but interestingly 10% of them are not human. According to a new research, at least 100 million of Facebook users are not human, but pets, brands and companies. According to a research that eMarketer did, only 889,3 million from 1… Continue reading 100 Million of Facebook Users Are Not Human

Infographic: Describe What’s Your Personality On Social Media Now

How many times in a day you posted updates on Twitter or Facebook? Have you ever wondered what kind of person are you on those platforms? Not too long ago, a website called made a study about behavior of social media user. They divided social media users into 10 types.