192 Million Facebook Mobile Users Are From Android Phone

That number is quite shocking because in September 2011, Facebook mobile users from Android phone are only 66 million while Facebook mobile users from iPhone at that time are 91 million. But right before 2012, the total number of users that were using Android phone to access Facebook mobile has beat the total number of Facebook mobile users from iPhone.


Facebook mobile users for Android grew so quickly. At the end of September 2012, their total number user of Facebook mobile is 192.8 million MAU (Monthly Active User). Meanwhile, at the same date, Facebook mobile for iPhone users are only 147.2 million MAU. Total Facebook mobile users in September 2012 are 604 million users.


The most rapid grow of Facebook mobile users are from an iPad platform. From a total of less than 10 million MAU in September 2011, increased to 48 million MAU the next year. On other smartphone platform such as RIM’s Blackberry, Facebook mobile users didn’t even reach 80 million users. But Nokia and Windows Phone are two big name phones that have lowest Facebook mobile users.

To avoid the application to rarely crash or runs too slow, in August 2011 Facebook released its own Messengers app. In only a month there are 3 million users for this app. And it grows so quickly, as the result in September 2012. There are 56.7 million MAU Facebook Messenger from 3 big names of smartphone (iOS, Android and RIM). Once again, Android users contribute as the highest total number of users beating the other two. The total number of Facebook Messenger users from Android in September 2012 is 32.3 million MAU, 22.8 million MAU from iOS phone and 1.6 million MAU from RIM phone.

Despite the lag problem for international messaging but that total number of users is still impressive. To resolve that problem, Facebook has made inquiries to acquire WhatsApp and Snapchat.