“Worst” Job in the World

Pity him sooooo much, right? So sad for the guy …

Is Online Branding Effective?

In a world where people spend so much time reading content online, listening to radio on Pandora, and watching their favorite shows on Hulu, one would wonder why the majority of brand marketers’ money still goes offline. Today’s brand marketers on average spend less than 10 percent of their marketing budgets online, and the rest goes to TV, radio, print publications, and… Continue reading Is Online Branding Effective?

No Pop Up Ad Please

Nobody likes pop up ads. Everybody sees it as junk that appears without being requested. We always know that when we browse a website as a user. We often forget that when we stand as the one designing a web. Some advertiser may pay good price to put pop up ad in our site. Or… Continue reading No Pop Up Ad Please

Rich Media Ad Can Always Be Better

Using rich media for your ad banner is always a good idea. Rich banner is an expert of catching people eye. But catching eye is just first aim. The main mission is to get people click it. There’s a bigger chance that people will click your rich ad banner if you do some of these… Continue reading Rich Media Ad Can Always Be Better

Landing Page’s Warm Welcome

Not everyone get into our website from direct hits (typing URL at address bar). Some of them may be invited by your ad banner or blasted newsletter. Directing them to the home page could be a good idea. But there’s a better idea. Give them a landing page first. Landing page is a page built… Continue reading Landing Page’s Warm Welcome

Ad Banner: Animation Rules!

People hate ads. We must face it. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up. We always have one shot to capture visitor with our well designed and well placed web ad banner. People always avoid ad-like element in web pages. That’s just their behavior. Nothing we can do about it. But, we should… Continue reading Ad Banner: Animation Rules!