Power 3 of Writing

Writing is really fun for some people, we can tell many things, share knowledge, and exchanged some information through the posts article that we have made. Nowadays, in digital era, as we know there are many place on internet to deliver our penchant for writing such as social media, blogs, and forums. But how to… Continue reading Power 3 of Writing

Uncle Gets Second “Worst” Job in the World!

Haiz… Some people are just sooooo “unlucky”.

“Worst” Job in the World

Pity him sooooo much, right? So sad for the guy …

The Power of Image in Guerilla

Firstly, it is important to identify the guerrilla communication purposes. Why?? It is done to find out the target guerilla organisation, company, or brand that have to be achieved.

The Art of Listening, Learning, and Sharing

Everyday, you will conversation with your friends / colleagues through the Internet, especially through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As digital practitioners, it is very useful to understand what people are talking about through the web to understand the behaviours, the topics, and other information. Through the information above you would have an… Continue reading The Art of Listening, Learning, and Sharing

Content On Facebook, Think You Are An Expert?

Most social media administrator / strategist / planners think they have grasped them all, but as they advance their knowledge in Social Media often they forget this one important thing. Content is the most powerful element within the social media.

19 Social Media Practices in Video

Do you know what social media is? Do you understand what social media can do for a brand? How do you see online objectives in relation to social media strategy? Shall we separate social media from other online channels? 

How to: Craft Effective Headlines and Increase CTR

Most online readers take only a few seconds before deciding whether or not they are interested in what you have to say in your article. After spending hours planning and writing, you certainly don’t want the readers to miss out on your great content just because your headline fails to grab their attention in those few… Continue reading How to: Craft Effective Headlines and Increase CTR

Writing SEO-Friendly Headlines: No Pun

As search engine optimization becomes the critical component to a well-read article on the Internet, the time has come for web editors to stop writing headlines that involve a play on words and start crafting SEO-friendly headlines instead. Most journalists, of course, would disagree with this approach, as they have spent years honing their skills in… Continue reading Writing SEO-Friendly Headlines: No Pun

The First Few Steps to Content Optimization

Getting quickly indexed on Google’s first page is unarguably one of the most important aspects to building a website, and what’s the key to ranking your website highly on the big brother of search engines?