Using SEO and SEM to Get the Best Result

Many people think that there’s a battle between SEO and SEM for highest placement in search result page but, not many people realize that these two practices can actually work together to get the better and even the best result. While search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are different, but they have… Continue reading Using SEO and SEM to Get the Best Result

The Battle between SEO and SEM for Highest Placement

There’s a war for the highest placement in SERP or search engine result page between SEO (search engine optimization) with SEM (search engine marketing) and what most company leaders don’t know is that these two services are working against each other. Yes, that’s right, many companies mistakenly use the two terms interchangeably that become the… Continue reading The Battle between SEO and SEM for Highest Placement

Learning Digital Marketing from Google? Think Insights!

Keep calm and let’s see what Google does. From merely a search engine to be a place where bunch of knowledge are, everything has been done by Google. Nowadays, it can be tools for us to do something: translating, watching videos, searching locations, or just even stalking a person you like.

The Art of Listening, Learning, and Sharing

Everyday, you will conversation with your friends / colleagues through the Internet, especially through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As digital practitioners, it is very useful to understand what people are talking about through the web to understand the behaviours, the topics, and other information. Through the information above you would have an… Continue reading The Art of Listening, Learning, and Sharing

19 Social Media Practices in Video

Do you know what social media is? Do you understand what social media can do for a brand? How do you see online objectives in relation to social media strategy? Shall we separate social media from other online channels? 

Adwords Tips: Keyword Matching

We’re not going to give Adwords tips on choosing keywords. Google has provide the wonderful Keyword Tool to deal with this issue. Now the task is what type of matching should we use. We have three types of keyword matching to choose from. Just to refresh, the first is broad match (e.g: electric guitar). If… Continue reading Adwords Tips: Keyword Matching

AdWords Effective Copywriting

Google Adwords is a tool of hard selling. Messages we deliver through this channel don’t need to be all fancy and colorful. The only thing matter is people read, click and take action (purchase, register, subscribe, etc).

AdWords for Dummies

Google Adwords still got many types of ad that will carry our message to millions of relevant audience. From text ads, image ads, video ads, rich media ad, to mobile ads, all is available to use.

We Have Two Google Professional Certified Individuals

Omeoo Media proudly announce that we currently have two Google Professional Certified indiviuals in the house. This means that we are now an authorized Google Certified Partner and also qualified reseller of Google Advertising AdWords.

Landing Page’s Warm Welcome

Not everyone get into our website from direct hits (typing URL at address bar). Some of them may be invited by your ad banner or blasted newsletter. Directing them to the home page could be a good idea. But there’s a better idea. Give them a landing page first. Landing page is a page built… Continue reading Landing Page’s Warm Welcome