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Many people know that is not easy to get the backlinks through blogcomenting; register your blog to blog directories and social bookmarking sites; and submit articles to article directory web directory.  Despite all the difficulties, we will feel bored since they have to be repeated continuously.

19 Social Media Practices in Video

Do you know what social media is? Do you understand what social media can do for a brand? How do you see online objectives in relation to social media strategy? Shall we separate social media from other online channels? 

Nearly 80% of Brands Not Ready For Mobile

Speaking at the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Mobile Engage 2011 on Tuesday (14 June), EMEA Head of Mobile for Google Ian Carrington disclosed that most brands working with Google are not ready for the mobile explosion. Carrington told the audience that 79% of the brands that Google worked with at a global level do not have mobile-optimized sites. “They… Continue reading Nearly 80% of Brands Not Ready For Mobile

Why Speed Really Matters When It Comes to Browsing The Web

Speed is a bit of an obsession for most web users. They get upset about their Internet connections’ and mobile connections’ recognized slowness.

Things Your “Coming Soon” Page Should Feature

Well, if your teaser page is only a static white page with some “under construction” icon, you are missing out a lot.

Feedback Form: Let Them Speak

Every website that cares about user’s satisfaction always provides one feedback form to let their user tell about their experience throughout the website.

Easy Accessible Account Page

User’s information such as emails and other contact data is valuable things in internet marketing. With those information in our hand, it will be easier to blast campaign message to our target audience. On of the way to grab those information is by grabbing users to be member of our website. In order to get… Continue reading Easy Accessible Account Page

Building Usable Mobile Website

More and more people nowadays are accessing internet from their mobile phone. Also more and more web master provide mobile version of their site for the convenience of their mobile user. There are some basic difference between developing a regular site and a mobile site. Mobile user see our website through their tiny mobile phone… Continue reading Building Usable Mobile Website

Search Box: Help Them, Help Us

Remember the power of content? We need to consistently update our content to survive in this harsh and face paced online marketing scene. Updating our web content means we keep adding more and more page to our site. Since we know that it is best not to remove our old content, we will have big… Continue reading Search Box: Help Them, Help Us

Visitor says “Why am I Here?”

We always stand in the shoes of website designer/developer, so when we visit our own website and ask ourselves “why am I here?” we always have thousands of reasons. But, how about your visitors? They wouldn’t be there just to check for bugs, or finding out what to do to make the design looks cleaner.… Continue reading Visitor says “Why am I Here?”