Haiz… Some people are just sooooo “unlucky”.

Check out the second viral videos below. With the singlish (singaporean) accent, it makes it more interesting to watch for viewers. The video puts on a real life situation on what most people faces in their daily life.

The brand / company has successfully delivering its message to viewers and create a viral impact with the social media platform.

Haiz… Some people are just sooooo “unlucky”.

This time they are campaigning for a similar site related to job as wel, Jobiness. Good way to educate and to illustrate others on job information.

We have posted the first episode of the video on  “Worst” Job in the World  that illustrates on a story of an “uncle” who lives by working full time 24/7 and wants to quit his “nightmares” real soon – the first episode of this viral video campaign.

We would expect there will be more similar videos with this one campaigning contents within their website platforms. Now, viewers will be hungry to watch for more video on “uncle” and “his job” … Thumbs up to the Agency behind it!