Get the Celeb Tweeted!

Twitter is a world where everyone can speak up their mind and communicate to each other. Here’s one of our client, @ceritamucom which we handled recently. Good news, two of those tweets was retweeted by an Indonesian celebrity, Vino G Bastian. Those tweets told about Tampan Tailor, the recent movie where Vino plays a role as a tailor and how he struggles to get life from it. A nice movie that will teach us about how hard this life and how hard your struggle to live it.

The screenshots below explain that the quality of @ceritamucom tweets is good and informative. Our social media campaign is also good to engage users, especially if we look from these tweets. Getting this retweet from a public figure can boost awareness of our brand well. This can be proved by looking the followers of that public figure. The more followers she/he has, the more awareness we will get.


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