Get the Celeb Tweeted!

Twitter is a world where everyone can speak up their mind and communicate to each other. Here’s one of our client, @ceritamucom which we handled recently. Good news, two of those tweets was retweeted by an Indonesian celebrity, Vino G Bastian. Those tweets told about Tampan Tailor, the recent movie where Vino plays a role… Continue reading Get the Celeb Tweeted!

Uncle Gets Second “Worst” Job in the World!

Haiz… Some people are just sooooo “unlucky”.

2013 New Year Resolutions Are Easy

You kept creating list of new year resolutions at the end of each year, and yet you never accomplished a single of what’s on your list. And yet, you keep on wandering why the hell … Many reasons from short of cash, get bored in the middle, or even just completely forget about them.