“Worst” Job in the World

Pity him sooooo much, right? So sad for the guy …

“Everi Job” Campaign That Drives Traffic and Brand Awareness to Viewers

A viral video campaign which we think is a very effective way to drive traffic and awareness to the site. It is effective as it engage on viewers curiosity. Often the case, brand is missing the link between getting the contents to users to engage with it and delivering the message to the viewers to create brand stickiness.

Watch this video and you’ll find out why!

Pity him sooooo much, right? So sad for the guy …

Watched it already?

Guess what though… There is a continuation of the story, I guess the agency behind the campaign is smart putting the piece together from planning to execution. Check out the next episode on Uncle Gets Second “Worst” Job in the World!

For brand managers who have watched the viral videos feel they want to do similar ideas / concept with the same impact for their brand, however they often forget an element to create a similar impact – budget. We would estimate a video campaign similar to this with social media and viral online advertising campaign would cost around US $150,000 to US $200,000 for production, maintenance, and a good amount of online advertising to support for a period of 6 months.