Will You Invest Too Much on Twitter Buzzer?

Nowadays, when we talk about digital campaign seems like Twitter Buzzer become a must! We don’t realize that people are good at distinguish where’s the tweet that use buzzer or tweet that happened without paying the person as a buzzer. It makes the Twitter Buzzer wasn’t relevance and effective anymore.

Still we could use Twitter Buzzer as a marketing strategy for digital campaign, but here’s some condition to recognize to make this Twitter Buzzer become relevance and effective.


To make this Twitter Buzzer has a value for some campaign, we have to choose some influence topic. If our brand doesn’t have some valuable thing to talk about, so the use of Twitter Buzzer becomes useless. People don’t care and this campaign won’t become a Word of Mouth.


Something valuable means that our topic has elements of news, for example: First in the world, the biggest, something unique or any sentimental things. This kind of thing will make the function of Twitter Buzzer become very useful.


The next thing to be considered is research. Is it our targets really exist in Twitter? Yes, it’s true that Twitter is a trend right now, but remember that Twitter users in Indonesia still not as much as Facebook users. Don’t be blinded by the sparkle of Twitter in a moment.

social-marketing-twitter-vs-facebook (1)

Relevance and Influential Buzzer

Be careful for choosing buzzer. There is nobody can fit with every brand/ product. Buzzer can be chosen not only by the number of follower they have but also how they interact with others, how influence they are when they give some opinion.


Buzzer also has to be considered from the relevancy with brand they would like to promote and their follower also fit with the brand’s target. Agnes Monica could be very popular on Twitter, she has so many followers, but don’t ever think to use Agnes Monica to be a Twitter Buzzer of Automotive brand or property, because majority of her followers are teenagers. It wasn’t right on target and become useless.


Last but not least is the objective. What is your objective to propose Twitter Buzzer for your brand? Commonly, Twitter buzzers only bring you to the awareness level. It means that people become interest with your brand and finally they find out more about your product.

It’s very rarely, Twitter buzzer could bring you to the level consumer buying, except you sold something in trend, or give special price in some period, and so on. If the use of Twitter buzzer doesn’t take you to the consumer buying level, then why you invest too much on it?




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