End Of Bitcoin Triumph?

Bitcoin is one type of cryptocurrency lately very popular in the virtual world. Bitcoin’s character that is not printed by any government and its value fluctuates depending on the demand, it is makes bitcoin populair. Bitcoin has been used as by thousands of online and offline merchants. However, its existence is still controversy. By the… Continue reading End Of Bitcoin Triumph?

Wanted: Social Media Content Planner

The right candidate would be enthusiastic, energetic, skilled, and have a never give up attitude with the following requirements. Requirements: Have experience in social media  is a must Creative and out of the box thinker Good in copy writing is a must Working experience in the same field will be an advantage Fluent in written… Continue reading Wanted: Social Media Content Planner

Wanted: Web Graphic Designer

Omeoo Media is looking for a talented Graphic Designer. Requirement: – D3 or S1 in graphic design degree or similar courses – Able to work fast under tight deadline – Able to work in a team – Have proficient skill in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash.

Harlem Shake Omeoo Style, Goodbye Gangnam!

Thousands of people have uploaded 30-second video on YouTube since February began, showcasing a dance step called “Harlem Shake.

RumahBintang.com Won An Award

RumahBintang.com has won a bronze award in the category Contest/Competition Activation from Mix Marketing Communication. We work closely with Pantarei Communication to work in handling Bir Bintang digital campaign.

Content On Facebook, Think You Are An Expert?

Most social media administrator / strategist / planners think they have grasped them all, but as they advance their knowledge in Social Media often they forget this one important thing. Content is the most powerful element within the social media.

What Does Facebook Know About Your Love Life

This is something cool we found while browsing on the Internet. Have you ever wondered about Facebook on how they know about your love life? When your relationship changes, you will update your status and change your relationship status to “single” or “in a relationship” or even “complicated”.

How Twitter can Boost Small Business

To use this tool as a channel of our business communication, is undoubtedly a smart move.

Number 1 in Google? Secret formula in SEO

The purpose of a search engine to assist and to help users to search and to find what product or services they are looking for. A search engine, such as Google, has a job to connect users and the right information in the most efficient way, that is quick and related information …

Building Usable Mobile Website

More and more people nowadays are accessing internet from their mobile phone. Also more and more web master provide mobile version of their site for the convenience of their mobile user. There are some basic difference between developing a regular site and a mobile site. Mobile user see our website through their tiny mobile phone… Continue reading Building Usable Mobile Website