How Twitter can Boost Small Business

Twitter is one of today’s major communication tools, there’s no need of further argument about that. To use this tool as a channel of our business communication, is¬†undoubtedly¬†a smart move. It just need a good hand to tweet, and your Twitter account can boost your small business in no time.

The first thing must come in our mind when we use twitter for our business communication is: twitter is a tool of conversation. We don’t do one way promotion here. Just speak naturally. Imagine we’re speaking person to person, not broadcasting message, that would help us get the feel of personal communication and get engaged more with the audience.

Never do hard selling in your tweets. Rather than shouting “buy my product!” or “visit my places!”, it’s always better to share what we have to offer. Share the unique point of our product in a casual way.

Tweet frequently. At least once a day. This is important to let your follower know that your profile is alive, so they’ll keep following you. Also don’t tweet too much. You’ll become annoying to them and they’ll leave you.

And one more thing, never do twitter marketing for you business without the F word: FUN! Don’t be too serious on our tweets, it’s better to come up with tweet that can entertain its reader. If your tweets are fun and fresh enough, it might get retweeted by your followers and there’s a chance that you will get new followers and new potential buyers.