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Facebook Privacy Failure! #PrivacyFail

Like many of us, Randi Zuckerberg posted a family snap to Facebook this Christmas. As with many of our snaps, it was funny in context, but a little too candid; you might not want it shared widely beyond your family. Unlike many of our snaps, it contained a billionaire brother in the background. Randi was outraged… Continue reading Facebook Privacy Failure! #PrivacyFail

Is Youtube Ads Effective or Annoying?

Gong Xi Fat Choi, The Year Of Horse

In Indonesia, Chinese New Year shares similarities compared to Muslim Lebaran – Ramadhan. One of the symbolic representation is as a time for reunion. As human beings, we often forget who we are, where we come from, and tend to have our own self-ego without thinking toward others, especially our own families – parents. Similar to… Continue reading Gong Xi Fat Choi, The Year Of Horse

Omeoo Dinner and Movie Night Umpteenth Edition

Last night we had dinner and watched movie together again since June. Pondok Indah Mall is always our favorite

Two Other Cheerful Celebrations at Omeoo

It seems that October is Omeoo’s month. There are many celebrations held in this month, from this office’s anniversary to our employees’ birthday.

Another Omeoo Celebration for a Beautiful Angel

Yes, we have celebration again shortly after Awing’s birthday about two weeks ago. This time, Andita Frida Aisha got her special cake for her 22nd anniversary.

Another Cheerful Omeoo Celebration for the Tallest Boy on Earth

Close to the 4th Omeoo Anniversary celebration in the first of October, we have another celebration in the 4th of October. Here goes Aswirman, the birthday boy who celebrate his 24th in the cheerful yet warm celebration at Omeoo’s office.

Omeoo 4th Anniversary, What Comes Next?

The first day of October is always be a special day for Omeoo. From year to year, we develop and try to explore all digital things around. So this year, we are 4 years old!

Heinz ABC Website Internal Launch

Heinz ABC website has finally launched and open for public! After the hustle we’ve been through, Heinz ABC Indonesia and Omeoo Media can now proudly present