Omeoo 4th Anniversary, What Comes Next?

Happy Anniversary1

The first day of October is always be a special day for Omeoo. From year to year, we develop and try to explore all digital things around. So this year, we are 4 years old! A good achievement we have so far that we’ve gone this far since 2009. People come and go since that time, but we are sure that our best people we have here today are the best to survive. For the celebration, we had lunch together at 2 October. We had special “Nasi Tumpeng” for that day and employees didn’t need to worry about their lunch anymore.

Mr. Mario Buana, as the HRD, led the celebration and gave words to greet everybody. And our friend, Novy Agrina, as one of senior employees at Omeoo also spoke to lead others praying for better Omeoo in the future. At last, we ate our special lunch and went back to work. Overall, this is just a beginning of a long journey to become a company that can achieve anything to be better. See this video for further cheerful moment at our office!