Today is the celebration of our “Digital God”, Google. It is 15 years old now. A search engine that develops itself to be “anything” in digital world.  The company has acquired many companies in the world and those companies has become –let me said- the slave of Google or Google-esque. Whatever. The important thing is Google has impact to our life nowadays. In every occasion: in-seeking information, need helps, finding address, stalking our crush, etc. we do “googling”. So, what has been happening to us due to Google?

1. Lazy to answer people questions

Google has taught us to say, “just google it” when people ask us questions. Of course those people won’t punch you on your face, but they will talk behind on social media. The positive thing is you can be practical by saying that. However, it’s negative when you don’t explain the answer people expect from you.

2. Go to a web “instantly”

One day, a friend came to my house and borrowed my laptop to browse something. I found that he wanted to go to Youtube. Instead of typing “” in the address bar, he typed “” and then typed “Youtube” in the search engine bar after that. How “practice” was that!

3. Being a sudden translator

If being a translator is a tough job for major part of people, that doesn’t matter for some others. Those who think that being a translator is now as easy as being a sleepy cat, in fact, use Google Translate as their weapon to translate. So they think they are already excellent in translating? Just go to Google Translate, set the language you want to translate and type a sentence in the translate box. See the result after that.

4. Making wasted blogs

Google offers money from Google Ads and Blogs, and people are competing to gain money by making their own blog(s). However, many of those just make copy-paste blog, a blog that doesn’t contain original content and the owner just do copy-paste from other blogs. They do such thing to merely get traffic, SEO scores and at last, money. Quantity talks rather than quality.

Those four things above are a little part of what Google has been done to us. But I don’t aim to be sarcasm to Google, because after all, we always need it. Google is always be our savior to do everything; works, studies, researches, selling, and of course, searching.