Heinz ABC Website Internal Launch

Heinz ABC website has finally launched and open for public! After the hustle we’ve been through, Heinz ABC Indonesia and Omeoo Media can now proudly present HeinzABC.co.id.

The website has not been publicly announced yet, but they did a launch event for their internal Heinz ABC staffs on 27 March 2013. When people went inside the main door, they could take a photo of themselves at the photo booth, after they registered as member. Here’s the photo of us!


To celebrate that, we had ‘Tumpengan’, like what Indonesian always do when they celebrate something. Beforehand, there was a short speech from Heinz ABC people, thanking everyone who is involved in the project.

“It’s not the end, it’s just another beginning.” – Fenny Thamrind, Heinz ABC Marketing Manager.

What Fenny said was really true. Launching the website feels like a big relieve, but wait, we still has a long road to go in making it successful. And we are ready and excited for that!


PS: Sorry for being a bit out of the topic, but I just can’t stand not telling you this. Our favorite food goes tooooo…

‘Keripik Balado’ made by one of our contributors.

It tasted so gooodddd. You can find the recipe on Heinz ABC Website 😉 Believe us. It’s a must try.