100 Million of Facebook Users Are Not Human

A few times ago Facebook claimed that they have 1 billion active users per month, but interestingly 10% of them are not human. According to a new research, at least 100 million of Facebook users are not human, but pets, brands and companies. According to a research that eMarketer did, only 889,3 million from 1… Continue reading 100 Million of Facebook Users Are Not Human

Infographic: Describe What’s Your Personality On Social Media Now

How many times in a day you posted updates on Twitter or Facebook? Have you ever wondered what kind of person are you on those platforms? Not too long ago, a website called MyLife.com made a study about behavior of social media user. They divided social media users into 10 types.

Icon Pop Quiz

Have you ever been so addicted to a game, that you feel so uneasy that you just. have. to finish it? This is exactly what’s happening to me right now. For those whose smartphone carriers are either an iOS or an Android base, have you downloaded a game application called Icon Pop Quiz? If you’re… Continue reading Icon Pop Quiz

192 Million Facebook Mobile Users Are From Android Phone

That number is quite shocking because in September 2011, Facebook mobile users from Android phone are only 66 million while Facebook mobile users from iPhone at that time are 91 million. But right before 2012, the total number of users that were using Android phone to access Facebook mobile has beat the total number of… Continue reading 192 Million Facebook Mobile Users Are From Android Phone

RumahBintang.com Won An Award

RumahBintang.com has won a bronze award in the category Contest/Competition Activation from Mix Marketing Communication. We work closely with Pantarei Communication to work in handling Bir Bintang digital campaign.

How We Get Google Top Spot

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