April 2014 Social Marketing Report: Indonesia Regional

Windows XP Doomsday Approaching, Should You Worry?

Microsoft will stop its supports to one of their operating legend, Microsoft XP, on April 9th, 2014. As a consequence, this 13 years old operating sytem will be more having tendency to be infected by viruses. If you have the OS Windows XP, you need to prepare all this things, on April 8. Probably, the… Continue reading Windows XP Doomsday Approaching, Should You Worry?

Winamp Shutting Down, Shocking News for Its Fans

This morning, a friend gave me a link containing shocking news: “Winamp shutting down after over 15 years”.

BBM Euphoria, Are You In?

On 21st October, Blackberry announced in their blog that Blackberry Messenger (BBM) will rerelease in a few hours for Android and iPhone.

‘Pay-Per-Gaze’ Reflects the Future of Advertising?

It’s always interesting when we talk about future. Family, children, house, car, wealthy, prosperity, etc. must stuck in our mind from now on. What about the future of advertising?

Kakao Talk, WeChat, and LINE amongst the Top 5 in Indonesian Market

Social. That’s how we as Indonesians may interpret ourselves as. Indonesians are a very social community. This proves as the leading top 5 apps in Indonesia now recorded in Google Play Store are all social apps.

Learning Digital Marketing from Google? Think Insights!

Keep calm and let’s see what Google does. From merely a search engine to be a place where bunch of knowledge are, everything has been done by Google. Nowadays, it can be tools for us to do something: translating, watching videos, searching locations, or just even stalking a person you like.

192 Million Facebook Mobile Users Are From Android Phone

That number is quite shocking because in September 2011, Facebook mobile users from Android phone are only 66 million while Facebook mobile users from iPhone at that time are 91 million. But right before 2012, the total number of users that were using Android phone to access Facebook mobile has beat the total number of… Continue reading 192 Million Facebook Mobile Users Are From Android Phone

5 Things to Help an Account Executive

People think an Account Executive is an easy job. It only needs to say what client wants to production team. In fact it is not that easy, we have to remember everything, how’s the project doing , is there any problem during the project, when is the next meeting, is all email  has been sent… Continue reading 5 Things to Help an Account Executive

Which Type of Facebook Fans Are You?

The population of the world has moved to Facebook! Don’t believe it? Try saying that to the ONE BILLION people who are active on Facebook monthly.