5 Things to Help an Account Executive

People think an Account Executive is an easy job. It only needs to say what client wants to production team. In fact it is not that easy, we have to remember everything, how’s the project doing , is there any problem during the project, when is the next meeting, is all email  has been sent to client or to the production team.

Ya it’s not easy to remember everything, but thanks to technology, at least it can reduce missing between an account executive with client or production team. Here are the tools to help you if you are in account team.



Evernote is the best note ever. It helps us to note everything. The best thing is we can access it anywhere, computer, phone, and mobile devices. What I always do is type down on Evernote in my blackberry if clients brief me, copy paste and completed it in a laptop  and sent it through email to my production team.


Boomerang Email

Boomerang Gmail

It’s impolite to sent email in the midnight but you afraid you cant get up early to sent those email?  Boomerang Email solves your problem on this! What you have to do is only write down email as a normal and scheduled it to be sent in the perfect time.




If you were like me, the one who always forget bring flash disk but sometimes need important file, Dropbox will save your life. Dropbox is a cloud storage, that you can put all of your file and access it anywhere you want and also it can synchronize with all of your devices.


We Transfer


Sometimes you have to sent the big files to clients but your courier is fully booked. In this case, we can count it on we transfer. You can sent 2 GB files on we transfer, and your client will download it. And voila! Your file sent successfully right in your clients computer.




Don’t blame me on this, I still  need this device to support my daily routine. Forget all the slow response of blackberry. They are number 1 in pushing notification email. Yah, I had try another platform but blackberry is still the best. Also, Blackberry messenger is an easy way to follow up project. Once again, don’t blame me to put blackberry on this list 😛