Microsoft will stop its supports to one of their operating legend, Microsoft XP, on April 9th, 2014. As a consequence, this 13 years old operating sytem will be more having tendency to be infected by viruses.

If you have the OS Windows XP, you need to prepare all this things, on April 8. Probably, the hacker has prepared many kind of virus to attack the computers that still occupy XP.

Some experts said that after April 8th, the attack to the XP computer will have significant increasing number. They are going to wait for their session to spread it when OS Windows XP will stop the support to the security system.

Windows XP Doomsday Approaching

After April 8th, the user of XP OS will count on the other security system to prevent from the virus. However, the effort itself which will guarantee the security of the computer itself has the deadline to have some continuation.

Many XP users feel that they are still loyal to his operating system and one of them feel that they are not comfort using Windows 7 or 8.

Windows XP Doomsday Approaching-2

One thing that should be remembered of Windows 7 and 8 has been build with the modern design compared with OS Windows XP and you can use the features in that OS to make the maximum protection. It’s better for you to change your OS so that the file and important data will be save and will be secure enough.