This morning, a friend gave me a link containing shocking news: “Winamp shutting down after over 15 years”. What a shock for me! This is one of famous music media players that ever created in the 90s era. If you are a music fan from the late 90s and early 2000s, I’m sure that you once ever used or are using this media player until now. In 2002, AOL acquired Nullsoft, the Winamp maker, for over $80 million in stock. We can imagine how glorious it was at that time.

It’s still unknown and vague for this shutdown, but we know that Winamp’s popularity is beaten by iTunes nowadays. Even though it already has the Android and Mac version, the iTunes features are simpler and can be used across platforms. However, Winamp is still lighter than iTunes, and iTunes has the complexity which makes people sometimes feel hard to use it.

Winamp will no longer be available in December 21st. So, for the fans, enjoy your Winamp like there’s no tomorrow from now on.