Keep calm and let’s see what Google does. From merely a search engine to be a place where bunch of knowledge are, everything has been done by Google. Nowadays, it can be tools for us to do something: translating, watching videos, searching locations, or just even stalking a person you like.

Marketing? Yes sure, it has a space for that! Recently we can find something useful for everything about marketing from Google: Think Insights. A place for you to get “free lecture” about digital marketing.

Online Marketing Campus

In Google Think Insights, there are many good materials for you who are interested and want to learn more about digital marketing. Furthermore, you can access and download them for free! The materials’ content itself is really rich. You can read articles, research studies, webinars (seminar from the experts based on website), case studies, tips and tricks, infographics, advertising campaigns, interviews and many more. So studying here is really cool since it’s free and there are many good materials that will increase your knowledge, especially in digital marketing. Make this place as if your school or campus, so it will be fun for you to open your insight.

Learning Digital Marketing From Google? Think Insights!

Moreover, you can read contents about digital marketing in varied industries, such as advertising, automotive, business, education, fashion, financial services, retail, restaurants, travel and there are several more. To help you know and understanding more about marketing itself, Google Think Insights provides Marketing Objectives. It can help you boost your market as well. There are submenu, such as Build Awareness, Influence Consideration, Drive Sales, and Grow Loyalty & Retention. Still not enough? It gives you Ad Types to show any example of ads you want to know, from cross-media to video.  Start from this, you can innovate something.

Marketing Tool

Google Think Insights also gives tools to help you learn and apply your ad campaign. These tools are familiar for you who have performed in digital marketing, such as Google Analytics and Google Trends. Google also introduces its products, such as Search Ads, Mobile Ads, Youtube, Google Display Network, Google+ For Business and platform like Doubleclick Digital Marketing Platform. One thing highlighted here is Creative Sandbox, a place where you can stalk ad campaign of other companies and know how they work. The interesting thing is you can also submit your campaign and get feedback from Google!

Learning Digital Marketing From Google? Think Insights!

Interested? So let’s open your browser and put in the address bar!