BBM Euphoria, Are You In?

On 21st October, Blackberry announced in their blog that Blackberry Messenger (BBM) will rerelease in a few hours for Android and iPhone. Thus, the next day became a hectic day for them because million people around the world downloaded this famous chat application. Perhaps Blackberry can be claimed down because their sell is lower than their previous glory years. However, that doesn’t matter to Blackberry Messenger. People are still enthusiastic to BBM.

So this is euphoria. I’m sure that Blackberry server still gets overwhelmed on this because million people can download BBM at the same time. Therefore, there are still many bugs in BBM which can make this application haven’t run well in your Android or iOS gadgets. One thing, after you install BBM in your gadget, you can’t directly use this application because there is a line queue. Simply before you can access the application, you will be asked to give your email address to get your “turn” using BBM.

Are you one of those who immerse in this euphoria? If yes, say why in the comment box below!

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