Kakao Talk, WeChat, and LINE amongst the Top 5 in Indonesian Market

Social. That’s how we as Indonesians may interpret ourselves as. Indonesians are a very social community. This proves as the leading top 5 apps in Indonesia now recorded in Google Play Store are all social apps. Actually, it is either that, or Indonesians are very keen and competitive to the updates of technologies in the country. Remember when Blackberry and its only beneficial application, Blackberry Messenger was the THING less than 4 years ago? As the year progress however, I personally have experienced the transformation of people I know that have wholeheartedly let go of Blackberry services, and moved on to Android or Apple’s iOS.

“Do you have Whatsapp?”, “Just LINE me the pictures”, those phrases are so common to hear today as people progressed to the ever changing of technologies. Yes, as studies show that 10% of Indonesian mobile users hold Android platform (almost half of Indonesian Blackberry users), they can easily shared information through all of these free chatting apps. Surprisingly, the newly advertised with Korea’s phenomenon Big Bang, Kakao Talk is now the number one highly downloaded apps in Indonesia’s Google Play Store. Kakao Talk is reported to have up to 100.000 downloads every day. Following WeChat– which was also found advertised on TV and is Kakao Talk’s competition as it was number one on Google Play Store previously, Whatsapp Messenger, LINE and Facebook.

Now shall we conclude that Indonesians are social because they really are, or because they are highly influenced by the media and are competitive to the updates of technologies? It’s your call! 🙂



  1. ‘sup fellow Indonesian *highfive* I’m using both Line and KakaoTalk along with Whatsapp, Viber, Rocketalk and Palringo (I prefer Skype and ooVoo on the PC rather than the phone). I gotta say Line & KakaoTalk are quite similar to each other compared to Whatsapp & Viber since they have all these cute cartoon emojis (yes Viber has those too but… well… the ones on Line & Kakao are more cartoony).

  2. Hi Rara! Agree with you that Line and KakaoTalk are pretty much the same (even the games!) But the cute iconic cartoons make it fun and different than other chatting platforms.

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