Basic difference between conventional media and social media is the communication between communicator and communicant.

It can be seen when the conventional media such as television, radio, and newspapers, can only provide one-way communication with users. Content which is created does not have a clear benchmark on those channels.

Content has to be built with engagement orientation. With the wrong directions, we only generate a heterogeneous users and make some messy things. We have to build the homogen users as we expected.

In terms of social media which is formed is two-way communications, the content is created for discussion, not just “shooting” direction.

The trend now is a good brand and the users should have an interesting synergy between one to each other. An example is one of the leading brands in the field of electronics, before launching its new product, they do a research through social media. They find out what users want, what they need. They communicate with users directly, not only based on research sheet.

And of course engage quality is needed, some expert in digital industry said better 1000 loyal users than 10.000 fake users. The fact is this 1000 is made from great harmony and great engage

From any sides, social media today still has a great potential for brands. So, have you implemented this and make user as a friend or just a market? ☺