It’s very fascinating to look at the development of Social Media in Indonesia in recent years, especially with tagline “Bringing the separation between the near and far”. Some people understand it and believe to shorten the distance and time but they still could be bond with their culture as well.

A few days ago in the middle of the capital fatigue, I decided to go home with metromini (little bus). Arriving in the standing position, I come closer to the door of the bus toward the back, near the helper standing.

If you are living in Jakarta, you will definitely know route to the Ciledug it stuck its outstanding at times at 6 pm until unpredictable. It’s quite tickled for me, coincidental this helper utilize jammed atmosphere with access Facebook from his device. Yes a social media platform where our country is ranked highest third for its users.

I try to describe my conversation with this bus helper

I: Me

H: Bus Helper


I     : Wow, you have a good phone Bro

H    : Ah, you are just praise me too much

I      : Really bro, I think you just bought it, look like it’s a new one.

H     : I am Facebook-ing bro with my nephew on my faraway hometown

I      : Oh really, why not telephone instead? Or sms?

H     : If telephone I can only hear his voice and sms I only can read, we do not have the hilarity

I      : Then why choose Facebook?

H     : From here (Facebook) at least I can stay in touch with relatives I had. I could see what my nephew say (update status/comments) then my other nephew or relatives will join, something like that. Cool bro!

I       : Great bro (I’m joking him by following his accent)


Then I stopped conversation there because I’ve reached the destination. The other nights, I talked to Siomay seller who’s usually passes in front of my house.

S: Siomay Seller

I: Me


S: Bro, do you have any usb modem?

I: Yes I have one, I use it if my main connection get problems. Why?

S: Oh, I just bought a modem but the connection is really slow.

I: Oh, if it slow the problem is on connection not on its modem

S: Could be bro, and the weather which is rainy will affect it.

I : But I’m amaze with you, you are go online now?!

S: I was online Youtube bro, looked for Siomay recipes, and you can look in from Youtube directly to practice, if you got missing part, just rewind it

I: Well, It’s great bro, Sweet! No wonder this siomay become more delicious every day.

S: Ah bro, for winning competition we should be looking for another strategy.


Remembering a short conversation with the bus helper, there was something that makes me tingle. A bus helper with minimum education level can use of the media to the maximum use. It also happened to the Siomay seller who utilize technology for innovating of his business.

Meanwhile, there was so many education people making fake account or be a part of Social Media just for quiz or contest joining only.