Content On Facebook, Think You Are An Expert?

Most social media administrator / strategist / planners think they have grasped them all, but as they advance their knowledge in Social Media often they forget this one important thing. Content is the most powerful element within the social media.

19 Social Media Practices in Video

Do you know what social media is? Do you understand what social media can do for a brand? How do you see online objectives in relation to social media strategy? Shall we separate social media from other online channels? 

LBi Acquires Social Media Agency Mr Youth

Largest independent global marketing and technology agency LBi taps social media agency Mr Youth to strengthen its social media marketing offerings. Amsterdam-based LBi provides a combination of insight, media, creative and technical expertise from operations in sixteen countries. Its services include analytics, direct marketing and digital competences to help companies attract, engage and manage their customers.… Continue reading LBi Acquires Social Media Agency Mr Youth

Optimizing Facebook Page For SEO

In a white paper published by BrightEdge last month, nearly 100% of top 200 companies listed on Fortune 500 are reported to hold the top rank in the SERPs for their brand name. However the study also found that 70% of these top brands didn’t have Facebook Pages in the top 20 search engine results. That means,… Continue reading Optimizing Facebook Page For SEO

Use Twitter to Help You Grow Your Business

For many entrepreneurs, Twitter has proven to be a useful social tool they can use to make the most of their business. But sadly, most small business owners still have no idea about how to use the micro-blogging service effectively. The following are a few tips for entrepreneurs to make their tweets more engaging and to get… Continue reading Use Twitter to Help You Grow Your Business

How Not to Ignore Your Online Customers

Having an online presence for your business means that you’re prepared to provide a certain level of online service that your customers expect.

5 Powerful Elements behind Brand’s Facebook Page Success

Nothing more popular today than promoting brand through the goodness of Facebook Page. However, not every FB Page make it to become successful campaign. Some end up unmaintained and get flooded with spam. These are 5 powerful elements that must be well crafted to result a good FB Page optimization, Omeoo version.

What Makes A Topic Trend on Twitter

“You might expect the most prolific tweeters or those with most followers would be most responsible for creating such trends, but that’s not the case,” says Bernardo Huberman

Top 6 Facebook Apps to Optimize Your Page

We can stuff the FB Page with tons of application to make it more interesting. Here are some of the best application that we can use to make the best out of our FB Page, Omeoo version.

How Twitter can Boost Small Business

To use this tool as a channel of our business communication, is undoubtedly a smart move.