5 Powerful Elements behind Brand’s Facebook Page Success

Nothing more popular today than promoting brand through the goodness of Facebook Page. However, not every FB Page make it to become successful campaign. Some end up unmaintained and get flooded with spam. These are 5 powerful elements that must be well crafted to result a good FB Page optimization, Omeoo version.

1. Powerful Welcome Page

Welcome page strongly affects user’s decision to ‘Like’ or not to ‘Like’ a page. This is where our first hit is, that’s why we have to hit really hard. Thanks to Facebook that has allowed us to use iframe in custom tab to make everything becomes easier. We can create a complete information filled welcome page with strong call to action for straightforward target audience, or create a fun, animated, interactive welcome page for younger and dynamic target audience.

2. Powerful Content Strategy

Content is king. We’ve said that thousand times, we’re saying it again now, and we will say it million times more later. A good welcome page grabs new user. A good content strategy satisfies existing user. Pay attention to relevancy and uniqueness of our content. When we write a content status update, imagine if that content is published on other FB Page. Does it still fit? If yes, our content isn’t that unique. Uniqueness and value for user is important in creating content, that’s the reason for user to keep following our updates. What’s the point of becoming our fans, if our updates can also be seen on other FB page.

3. Powerful Human behind the Page

Never use bot or leave the task to a scheduling machine when we expect a successful Social Media campaign. Social Media is about interactivity and engagement, a bot could never do that. Always have a real human actively maintaining the FB Page. Though, not every people can play the part of Social Media person. It requires a very high standard of communication skill and tons of dedications. Anyone who is in charge of a brand’s FB Page is equal the brand’s front person in Facebook world. Slight mistake in communicating message can have big impact in brand’s reputation.

The Social Media person is also in charge of building personal relationship between the brand and every single person in thousands (sometimes millions) brand’s FB fans. Imagine how many different personalities and attitude they will face. And one more thing, the work of a social media person doesn’t stop when the office hour ends. Social media is running 24/7, and the Social Media person must always make sure everything’s safe and sound.

4. Powerful Special Activity

Special activity such as contest can increase both total Like and interaction. People loves prizes/giveaway. Bigger prize can attract bigger number of user to participate. But be careful when delivering a big prized contest, if it isn’t handled correctly, it could backfire and make our page looks bad. Be very clear and detail when describing term, condition, and mechanism of the contest. Don’t let your contest is ruined by some Social Media ‘bounty-hounter’ (people that use every way possible – sometimes dirty –  to win every contest in Social Media). Promote the contest in every supporting channel (Twitter, Blog, Website, etc). Create one custom tab that is dedicated to inform user about the currently running contest.

5. Powerful Monitoring

Keep your Facebook Page performance in control. At least once a month, hit your Facebook Page insight. Find out how’s the total fans growth, total interaction, impression, etc. We can see all the statistic and progress/regress we made in out FB Page for whole one month. Based on those information, we can build plan to improve what’s not satisfying enough on last month and get one step closer to our Facebook Page perfection.