FB Page is not like profile page. We can stuff the FB Page with tons of application to make it more interesting. Here are some of the best application that we can use to make the best out of our FB Page, Omeoo version.

1. Static FBML

No, we can not put HTML code to the main section of our FB Page content, but yes, we can put FBML (Facebook Markup Language). This is an application that allows us to create a customized tab where we can put clickable image, form, videos, or anything we want to show. This is a must have apps for every business related FB Page out there.

2. Flash Player

Everybody uses Flash today, and this app allows us to add a box in our page where we can upload Flash files and make it playable in our page. Widget, games, movies that use Flash is now can be enjoyed in your page.

3. Twitter

In the time where social media rules the digital marketing world, it’s always been a good idea to connect two biggest social media platform today. By using Twitter applications in Facebook, marketer is allowed to broaden their Facebook activity by automatic streamline in Twitter. This means the message will spread even further.

4. Poll

For any business, feed back from the user is always valuable. Poll applications in Facebook page makes giving feed back becomes easier for user. We can use Poll to learn what user say about our new product, web layout, service, or anything. It’s easy, user doesn’t need to write anything, it’s just one click and you know how they feel.

5. Promotions

Promotion apps is like all in one package for all your FB page promotional needs. Contest, giveaways, coupons, or other type of feature that build more engagement to wider range of user, it’s all in the apps. This is a necessary apps for brand’s FB page.

6. RSS Feeds

A must have apps, if your brand have a frequently updated site or blog. The apps will surely make your page more dynamic and fast paced in terms of  content. Your page will have a box that shows any new updates that comes from your site or blog.