Good User Interface for Quality Design

We have talk about web usability before. Yes we always remember that good web design isn’t always about sophisticated flash or artistic layout. Good web design is the one that give user a good experience. Friendly user interface is a must. Structure is important. Web design must organize the user interface usefully. Put together all… Continue reading Good User Interface for Quality Design

Landing Page’s Warm Welcome

Not everyone get into our website from direct hits (typing URL at address bar). Some of them may be invited by your ad banner or blasted newsletter. Directing them to the home page could be a good idea. But there’s a better idea. Give them a landing page first. Landing page is a page built… Continue reading Landing Page’s Warm Welcome

eCommerce: Think Like Customer

You’re selling your product on the internet. First thing you should do before building an eCommerce site is to think like the customers do. Visit as many eCommerce sites as you can to determine what makes you comfortable and what gives you hard time. You’ll find out that a good one always keep the categorization… Continue reading eCommerce: Think Like Customer

Gone in 30 Seconds

There are billions of web pages people can access throughout the internet. What make you think they will spend much time in our pages if they don’t find anything interesting? They won’t stay too long because it’s just one click away to get out of a page to find some more useful pages. Homepage is… Continue reading Gone in 30 Seconds

New Tab or Same Tab

We always have two choices when putting link in some web page element (or hyperlink inside a text), open the link in same tab or new tab. Many would think opening new page on new tab is better. Think again, because this is very important for web usability. Fewer tabs means cleaner window. People love… Continue reading New Tab or Same Tab

Comfort is A Must

When we’re talking about user experience, the top priority is comfort. Comfortable interface is very important to make people enjoy surfing inside our website. Easy registration, easy login, easy navigation, and other easy things let people walks around comfortably. Your home page is the key. Reveal clearly what your site’s doing at the home page.… Continue reading Comfort is A Must

Good Navigation Equals Fun Playground

When people visiting our website, it is very important to make them comfortable surfing inside it. Good Navigation is the key. We’re not only talking about navigation bar. We’re talking about the whole web design. Good navigation can be the result of good web design plus quality web programming. How important does this good navigation… Continue reading Good Navigation Equals Fun Playground

Your Design is User’s Best Friend

When your time gets too hard, a best friend always makes it easier. It’s like their job, you know. And that’s what makes you feels comfortable having them around. We can always use this concept in our design. Make user feel comfortable so they like to hang around with us. We’ve talk a little bit… Continue reading Your Design is User’s Best Friend

Usability Makes Design Complete

“Just make a super excellent web design, and let’s hear all the good things people said about it. Forget the usability testing. That’s just for nerds. Creativity rules!” and that’s the way some designer still thinking. But good design doesn’t work that way. Good design always comes with good web usability. It takes both to… Continue reading Usability Makes Design Complete