Your Design is User’s Best Friend

When your time gets too hard, a best friend always makes it easier. It’s like their job, you know. And that’s what makes you feels comfortable having them around. We can always use this concept in our design. Make user feel comfortable so they like to hang around with us. We’ve talk a little bit about web usability before. Now we’ll show you how.

First, your logo and site name. It should be everywhere on the site. Not literally every corner. Just make sure whatever page user’s visiting, they should fine at least one logo. Top corner is a good choice because it’s the first thing user will see when the page is loading. Also put link to the logo that will direct user to home page, so people know where to go when they get lost.

its a bird

And talk about getting lost. It’s a good idea to provide search engine in your site, especially if you have a huge website with more than 100 pages. Put a simple search box on the header.

Back to the best friend thing. Best friends don’t lie. They say things as it is. So does your website. When naming a page title. Keep it simple, keep it straightforward. Make it clearly explain what the page’s talking about. This way, you make user comfortable surfing in your website, plus, it will help your search engine optimization.

Next, there will be text. If you have a lot of text in one page, don’t just put it all there. Be a best friend, value their time, help them ignore part of the text they don’t need to read. Use grouping and subheading to break that long lust into smaller units. The subheading will help user decide what to read and what to skip.

Another thing best friend would do, they never let you carry a heavy burden by your own. So your website shouldn’t do that too. Don’t load your user with large and heavy graphic or flash. Just don’t. If you user doesn’t have the strength to wait; they will leave you right away.

One last thing often forgotten is not all user visiting our site are equal. Some may have particular disability, like sight disability. Don’t leave these user behind. Build a special web application that enables them to enjoy your site just like anybody else.

See, it’s not hard to be a best friend.


  1. The best position for the label is on the left or top just simply it will be easier and quicker to read for any users. But then if you want to put it on the right, feel free to do so – it’s still easy to read.

    But never put it on the bottom! Users will get confused on which label for which input forms.

  2. some users, especially screen reader/voice browser users, said that it would be more logic if labels put on the left-top of each inputs. 🙂

    and, what about links in the content should have underline or border-bottom. to distinct links. some opinions said it is useful for very low vision users. others said that is too distraction and aesthetically bad. what do you think? 🙂

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