New Tab or Same Tab

We always have two choices when putting link in some web page element (or hyperlink inside a text), open the link in same tab or new tab. Many would think opening new page on new tab is better. Think again, because this is very important for web usability.

Fewer tabs means cleaner window. People love it that way. Don’t make them angry by adding more and more tab to their browser. You may be worried user won’t focus in seeing one page. No worry. Every browser have “back” button. This is one navigation tools user use a lot of time. They can go back to the previous page anytime they want.

Setting our link to open in same tab also shows people that we are competent. We’re not afraid of losing viewer, because we’re sure that people will always comeback for more.

Beside, there’s always “open link in new tab” button. If people wants a new tab, they’ll open it their self.