Comfort is A Must

When we’re talking about user experience, the top priority is comfort. Comfortable interface is very important to make people enjoy surfing inside our website. Easy registration, easy login, easy navigation, and other easy things let people walks around comfortably.

Your home page is the key. Reveal clearly what your site’s doing at the home page. Let people know why they should go deeper to all your interesting sub pages. But keep it short and simple. Combine attractive image with creative tagline. Facebook’s home page (not logged in) is one good example.

Still talking about home page, you must also provide a very easy way to go back home from every page in your site. Obeying the standard convention of linking the logo back to home page could come in handy.

Also mind the in-site search engine you use. If your search engine shows thousands of irrelevant result pages, you’re using a bad search engine. Get a good one.

The point if imagine your website as a restaurant. Once you get discomfort, you’ll never want to eat there anymore.