What Makes Website Design Affecting SEO?

Nowadays keyword is not the only main factor of SEO, even though it still plays an important part. With Google getting smarter by releasing new algorithms time after time, design, UX or user experience and on-page optimization, can be the difference for website’s ranking in search engine. The first thing about website design for SEO… Continue reading What Makes Website Design Affecting SEO?

Essentials SEO Elements in the Second Half of 2015

SEO strategies are something that constantly changing, this means that every SEO marketers need to find a way to keep up with the latest algorithm if they want their product can stay at the high ranking of search engine result page. With SEO become one of the key tools to promote product or service, SEO… Continue reading Essentials SEO Elements in the Second Half of 2015

Things Your “Coming Soon” Page Should Feature

Well, if your teaser page is only a static white page with some “under construction” icon, you are missing out a lot.

Dump All the ROTten Content

ROT stands for: Redundant, Outdated, and Trivial. These kinds of web content will not only give user a bad experience, it also causes some other bad impacts for your website.

Comfort is A Must

When we’re talking about user experience, the top priority is comfort. Comfortable interface is very important to make people enjoy surfing inside our website. Easy registration, easy login, easy navigation, and other easy things let people walks around comfortably. Your home page is the key. Reveal clearly what your site’s doing at the home page.… Continue reading Comfort is A Must