Tumblr Users Give Mixed Reactions to New Dashboard Design

The changes to the dashboard are minor – in fact, infrequent users might not even notice the changes at first glance. The big changes affect how users switch between blogs and what information is displayed in the sidebar.

Things Your “Coming Soon” Page Should Feature

Well, if your teaser page is only a static white page with some “under construction” icon, you are missing out a lot.

Use Fonts Effectively

We’ve seen millions of fonts available to use, but we can only pick a few web browser safe fonts for our web design (at least until all browsers fully support CSS3). Yeah, web safe fonts are boring but the most important thing is they appear fine in user’s end.

Visitor says “Why am I Here?”

We always stand in the shoes of website designer/developer, so when we visit our own website and ask ourselves “why am I here?” we always have thousands of reasons. But, how about your visitors? They wouldn’t be there just to check for bugs, or finding out what to do to make the design looks cleaner.… Continue reading Visitor says “Why am I Here?”

Menu for Every Page

Yes we always have to provide a way for user to get back to home page. Every sub pages should be just one click away from going back home. But, don’t make them must go to home before they could go somewhere else. So always provide menu on top or left side of sub pages… Continue reading Menu for Every Page

Be Ruthless, Load Faster

Fast page load time is a part of good web usability. People always love high speed websites. Not only that, Google also have announced that they will also put Page Load Time in their page ranking system. This could do very much for SEO. Let’s get your site run faster. Graphic image is inseparable with… Continue reading Be Ruthless, Load Faster

Give Hyperlinks a Name

Every time you turn some text into hyperlink, always give them a link title. Link title is just like image title or any other file title. It should be clear information about where the link will direct user. First, this link titles not only function as web usability enhancer. It would tell user where they’re… Continue reading Give Hyperlinks a Name

Link Redundancy isn’t That Annoying

It’s a good thing to give user several ways to get to same point. Especially links to pages that you want people to visit, or pages that people are likely to look for. For example, you have one link to your “Our Product” page at the head navigation bar, and you have another link in… Continue reading Link Redundancy isn’t That Annoying

No Pop Up Ad Please

Nobody likes pop up ads. Everybody sees it as junk that appears without being requested. We always know that when we browse a website as a user. We often forget that when we stand as the one designing a web. Some advertiser may pay good price to put pop up ad in our site. Or… Continue reading No Pop Up Ad Please

Good User Interface for Quality Design

We have talk about web usability before. Yes we always remember that good web design isn’t always about sophisticated flash or artistic layout. Good web design is the one that give user a good experience. Friendly user interface is a must. Structure is important. Web design must organize the user interface usefully. Put together all… Continue reading Good User Interface for Quality Design