Improve Readability

Web content itself isn’t enough to make maximum readability. Web design and layout also play their role in optimizing web readability. Be very careful if you use graphic image as background. If you don’t actually need it, better use plain background. It’s much easier for eye to read text on plain background than the one… Continue reading Improve Readability

Before Developing a Flash…

Flash is always been great if it’s built based on the right purpose and technique. There are some things to consider before we work on our flash development. Some clients want to use flash because just because it’s currently a happening trend. Now it’s the web agency task to remind them that representing corporate/brand image… Continue reading Before Developing a Flash…

E-Commerce: Hit on Impulse Buying

Encourage customer to buy more of your product impulsively. Intercept them before they pay for the final price. Just like when they put candy and bubble gum at the front of cashier counter in every convenient store. When it comes to eCommerce, adapts this technique really well. When users click for more info about… Continue reading E-Commerce: Hit on Impulse Buying

Simplicity in Usability

You actually don’t need much work to develop a website with high usability. Most web agencies work so hard on sophisticated design and feature, they often forgot about how user loves simplicity. They could use some clear content with straightforward language. That would give them the whole important point of information as quickly as possible.… Continue reading Simplicity in Usability

eCommerce: Be Serious on Purchase

When developing an ecommerce website, it’s more important to make it provide clear information than to give user something cool. Cool and interesting web design is actually come in handy when attracting user to look around. But once they have given their credit card number. They don’t want to play around anymore. It’s their money we’re talking… Continue reading eCommerce: Be Serious on Purchase

Menu for Every Page

Yes we always have to provide a way for user to get back to home page. Every sub pages should be just one click away from going back home. But, don’t make them must go to home before they could go somewhere else. So always provide menu on top or left side of sub pages… Continue reading Menu for Every Page

Be Ruthless, Load Faster

Fast page load time is a part of good web usability. People always love high speed websites. Not only that, Google also have announced that they will also put Page Load Time in their page ranking system. This could do very much for SEO. Let’s get your site run faster. Graphic image is inseparable with… Continue reading Be Ruthless, Load Faster

Users are Getting Intolerant

Web designs standard are getting better from time to time, but web user also become more ruthless, intolerant, and selfish. They often ignore our fancy web design and just visit our site to get information they need, and go away. Good web design is important. But good web design doesn’t mean fancy and flashy looks.… Continue reading Users are Getting Intolerant

Web Usability: Minimize Clicking

We all know people should find what they want as quickly as possible when visiting our site. That’s why when we design a web; we must provide a good structure that allows people to find useful information in just a few clicks away. This is a web usability matter. People will likely go away if… Continue reading Web Usability: Minimize Clicking

Link Redundancy isn’t That Annoying

It’s a good thing to give user several ways to get to same point. Especially links to pages that you want people to visit, or pages that people are likely to look for. For example, you have one link to your “Our Product” page at the head navigation bar, and you have another link in… Continue reading Link Redundancy isn’t That Annoying