You’re selling your product on the internet. First thing you should do before building an eCommerce site is to think like the customers do. Visit as many eCommerce sites as you can to determine what makes you comfortable and what gives you hard time.

You’ll find out that a good one always keep the categorization neat. This way, it’s easier for people to browse through what they are looking for. Easy to find means good user experience, and good user experience could lead to more purchase.

Also give complete and clear info about your product such as price (this is very important!), variants, and availability. Speaking of availability, you must update your content as quick as possible. The second you’re out of stock for one product, immediately say it on the site. Tell us how upset you’ll be if you order a product at the display but ends up hearing excuse about the store is out of stock.

So if you don’t have it, let them know. Also if possible, state about when the new stock of that product will come and be available again. This will give them hope  again and they’ll come back to check it.

Back to the price, it’s better to have a tool to sort item based on price. Price will always affect customers decision. They always go for the cheapest one, but if they have more on their pocket, they might spend more to get better quality.

One most important thing, describe clearly how to purchase. Be extremely clear on this, because once people get confused on the procedure, they’ll easily give up and kill their desire to purchase.