Good User Interface for Quality Design

We have talk about web usability before. Yes we always remember that good web design isn’t always about sophisticated flash or artistic layout. Good web design is the one that give user a good experience. Friendly user interface is a must.

Structure is important. Web design must organize the user interface usefully. Put together all the things that related and separate those that are not related. Ease user to browse what they are looking for. Even better, provide shortcut to skip long procedure.

Visibility is also matter. Don’t hide important element such as navigation tool. Everything must be clearly visible. Don’t distract user with unneeded graphic or information. Responsiveness is the next thing. Keep user updated with all their action on the website: change of state, error, etc. Let them know that they have successfully done something.

And last but not least: tolerance. User may make mistake. Give them a chance to correct it. Allow them to undo and redo what they are doing. Ask them “are you sure” when they take some big action.