There are billions of web pages people can access throughout the internet. What make you think they will spend much time in our pages if they don’t find anything interesting? They won’t stay too long because it’s just one click away to get out of a page to find some more useful pages.

Homepage is important. Over-crowded homepage will drive people away. See Google’s homepage. How simple is that. People love it for its simplicity. Once people come in they know what they can do.

We got 30 seconds top to convince user that our site is the right place for them. Therefore, we must keep it simple yet informative. In just 30 seconds, people must be able to:

  1. Understand what we offer, and be sure they’ve come to right place.
  2. Know every activity they can do here
  3. Identify the most important content

Internet user has trained their eye to select what is important and what is not. They don’t read the whole page. Be strategic when laying out the home page. Drive people to read all the important info. For example, don’t use ad-like banner to highlight important info. People tend to avoid ad.