Every website that cares about user’s satisfaction always provides one feedback form to let their user tell about their experience throughout the website. Every digital web agency may have done a quality control and usability test before we launch a website but still, what most important is how user feel.

A feedback form is neater compared to email feedback. It helps us hide from email spiders that will attack your inbox with tons of spam. Feedback form also helps us to make all incoming feedbacks controlled and organized.

The first thing in mind when we build a feedback form is to have it as short and as clear as possible. No need to put in useless fields. Required field should just be name, email, and feedback. Add a dropdown of feedback categories if needed, but no need to make this mandatory.

If we run a global targeted website, don’t ask user to fill unnecessary field like ZIP code. Users from Jakarta, Singapore, Beijing, or any other part of the world wouldn’t have any idea how to fill it. But add such field if we run a local targeted website. This could do much to our database. But again, don’t make this mandatory.

And yes, we still have to provide other contact info like email address, phone number, and postal address (we might want to have PO Box if we run a home based business). This is because some people have their own most comfortable way of speaking their mind. [rad]