We’ve been talking a little bit about off-site SEO before. And using the online social bookmarking site is one of the good ways.

StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Those are online social bookmark site. They facilitate user to mark their favorite site into their own directory. Not only that, we can also see people’s favorite pages. That means we can see website that is recommended by people.

This is the strength of online bookmark. People trust no ad. But people trust words of mouth. People trust other people. So it will be a good move if we mark our site into those social online bookmarks.

Another strength, good social online bookmark site usually have more than PageRank 3. A link from a site that have this level of page rank will also increase the targeted website rank. So when we talk about off-site SEO, never leave online social bookmarking behind. This is very helpful in building our website page rank and search engine result rank.