Organic Links for Healthy SEO

Search engine, which we always deal with when it comes to SEO, is a super smart tool. They don’t like SEO very much because they want user to get the most relevant result not the most SEO-ed page. So, let’s play it their way. We still do SEO, but we do it in a more… Continue reading Organic Links for Healthy SEO

Forum is an Old School Social Media

Today’s social media marketing trend is using Facebook and Twitter to promote brands. People use those two social media everywhere. But they just come around 2008. Before them, online forum is where people go to get socialized on the internet. Some forum has more segmented audience than FB or Twitter. For example, there’s forum for… Continue reading Forum is an Old School Social Media

Supported by Online Bookmark

We’ve been talking a little bit about off-site SEO before. And using the online social bookmarking site is one of the good ways. StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Those are online social bookmark site. They facilitate user to mark their favorite site into their own directory. Not only that, we can also see people’s favorite pages.… Continue reading Supported by Online Bookmark

Bring Out the SEO

Creating a spider friendly content in your website is important thing in SEO, but that alone can’t bring the best of your SEO. You will also need to do some off-site SEO. While you’re busy working on your site content, you shouldn’t forget that you can also do SEO outside your own website. Some off-site… Continue reading Bring Out the SEO