Why Speed Really Matters When It Comes to Browsing The Web

Speed is a bit of an obsession for most web users. They get upset about their Internet connections’ and mobile connections’ recognized slowness.

Feedback Form: Let Them Speak

Every website that cares about user’s satisfaction always provides one feedback form to let their user tell about their experience throughout the website.

Visitor says “Why am I Here?”

We always stand in the shoes of website designer/developer, so when we visit our own website and ask ourselves “why am I here?” we always have thousands of reasons. But, how about your visitors? They wouldn’t be there just to check for bugs, or finding out what to do to make the design looks cleaner.… Continue reading Visitor says “Why am I Here?”

Gone in 30 Seconds

There are billions of web pages people can access throughout the internet. What make you think they will spend much time in our pages if they don’t find anything interesting? They won’t stay too long because it’s just one click away to get out of a page to find some more useful pages. Homepage is… Continue reading Gone in 30 Seconds