Bus Helper, Siomay Seller and Social Media

It’s very fascinating to look at the development of Social Media in Indonesia in recent years, especially with tagline “Bringing the separation between the near and far”. Some people understand it and believe to shorten the distance and time but they still could be bond with their culture as well.

Video-Sharing Sites, America’s Favorite Pastime

Videos are today’s hottest thing on the Internet, says video-hosting company Wistia. According to a recent study conducted by Lexington, Massachusetts-based company, 71% of Internet users in the United States visit video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo and Hulu. The study, which is concluded with an entertaining infographic, also shows interesting demographic stats like the fact that minorities and… Continue reading Video-Sharing Sites, America’s Favorite Pastime

The Biggest Acquisitions Made by Google Over the Recent Years

Last week, Google acquired Zagat as part of the company’s strategy to improve its location services and reviews, which have always been the tough nut to crack for the search engine giant. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but it’s safe to say that Zagat is one of the largest acquisition made by Google. And… Continue reading The Biggest Acquisitions Made by Google Over the Recent Years

How to Ruin a Potentially Viral Video

The holy Internet is full of amazing videos. Some are amusing, some are inspirational and some are profound. But for every great video you see, there are a number of videos that are just plain awful. Many of these videos actually have the potential to be viral, but sadly, lack in execution. Below are things you… Continue reading How to Ruin a Potentially Viral Video

Your Video on Google’s Top List

YouTube has turned into an ally you need for your newest strategy to win Google’s favor: Video SEO.

AdWords for Dummies

Google Adwords still got many types of ad that will carry our message to millions of relevant audience. From text ads, image ads, video ads, rich media ad, to mobile ads, all is available to use.

Using YouTube for SMO

They use most of their time utilizing Facebook and Twitter. That’s not wrong seeing that those two sites are the most used sites by internet user today.

But still, YouTube is one of the most powerful tools to spread viral and create trend. Just ask Shinta & Jojo.

YouTube: Italian Guy Went To Malta

This is one of YouTube oldest videos that would never get old. Peace on you… Video is courtesy of Alundras.

First YouTube Video Ever

It has reach 1 billion views per day. Every 1 minute, total of 20 hour of duration video uploaded to this site. Google Inc bought this site for 1,65 billion USD on 2006, just 1 year after Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim launched it.

Looping YouTube Video

For some reason, some of people want to play the same video over and over again. With video player software, this is easy. Just turn on the ‘repeat’ function and your video will keep playing over and over again until you get tired yourself. But, how to do it in the most used video streaming… Continue reading Looping YouTube Video