Looping YouTube Video

For some reason, some of people want to play the same video over and over again. With video player software, this is easy. Just turn on the ‘repeat’ function and your video will keep playing over and over again until you get tired yourself. But, how to do it in the most used video streaming website of the world?

YouTube doesn’t provide any video looping or repeating function. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Just give it a little touch on the URL. For example, this is what YouTube’s video URL looks like this:


Click it and you will watch the video with ‘everyday’ style. Now try to mix it up a little bit. See the “watch?v=” part? Yeah, just replace it with “v/” this will make your video appears in full screen. Then add this “&loop=1&autoplay=1” at the end of the URL. This part will make your video keeps looping and autoplaying. After we modify it, the URL should be like this:


Now watch, loop, and watch ,and loop, and watch, and loop infinitely.