How to Ruin a Potentially Viral Video

The holy Internet is full of amazing videos. Some are amusing, some are inspirational and some are profound. But for every great video you see, there are a number of videos that are just plain awful. Many of these videos actually have the potential to be viral, but sadly, lack in execution. Below are things you… Continue reading How to Ruin a Potentially Viral Video

Looping YouTube Video

For some reason, some of people want to play the same video over and over again. With video player software, this is easy. Just turn on the ‘repeat’ function and your video will keep playing over and over again until you get tired yourself. But, how to do it in the most used video streaming… Continue reading Looping YouTube Video

100 Videos in 4 Minutes

This is probably not the best work ever uploaded on YouTube. It’s not original after all. But the guy making this video must be thinking that not everyone have much time to browse, stream, and watch all those hilarious video on YouTube while they got dozens of paperwork on their desk. So he grab all… Continue reading 100 Videos in 4 Minutes