Using YouTube for SMO

Not many web agency use YouTube as vehicle in their Social Media Optimization campaign. They use most of their time utilizing Facebook and Twitter. That’s not wrong seeing that those two sites are the most used sites by internet user today. But still, YouTube is one of the most powerful tools to spread viral and create trend. Just ask Shinta & Jojo.

YouTube optimization can create big influence to our campaign if we handle it correctly and creatively. Not like Twitter that push us to simply create catchy or informative text update, to get the best out of YouTube we must create and upload video updates.

Making video is not as simple as text or image, but video can deliver more than any other media can do. Use this wisely.

The first key is to focus on something fun. You know why comedic video got many views? Because people loves humor. Create something that will make people laugh. When people laugh, they tend to share it with everyone in their network. This can lead to viral effect.

And then we must keep everything short. Not everyone in Jakarta has super fast internet connection. Some still don’t want to waste their time to wait the video buffers. Thirty seconds is the ideal time. Not too much for buffering time, but long enough to deliver some message. If we must use longer video duration, make sure to catch people attention in the first 10 second, so they now the wait for long buffering time is worth something.

Remember that video isn’t all about moving image, but also about audio. Using some catchy tunes can make people stay longer.

When we’re not busy making video, take some time to do some socializing. Play outside our ground. Add some friend in YouTube, give some quality comment (“STFU, dude” or “FAKE!” is not a good idea) on other user’s video, add other user’s channel to your favorite list. YouTube is social media anyway, we have to play outside, reach new friend and become part of their life. [rad]