AdWords for Dummies

Ever seen anything like this while you’re Googling?

Google Adwords

Yup, it’s an ad of Google AdWords. It usually appears outside the crowded natural search results and catch more attention. And yes it’s always related to your search queries.

And what about this one?

Google Adwords

or this one?

Google Adwords

The first image is also Adwords, you’ll often find them when you’re visiting some websites. Websites that shows this kind of ad usually is a Google partner sites or sites that use Google AdSense product, and there are thousands of them.

Then, on the second image, ┬áplease set your sight a little low (not there… lower please). You’ll see lines of text at the bottom of the video. That’s also Google Adwords. This kind of ad appears when we watch video on Youtube.

Now we know three kinds of Google AdWords ad, but that’s not all. Google Adwords still got many types of ad that will carry our message to millions of relevant audience. From text ads, image ads, video ads, rich media ad, to mobile ads, all is available to use.

Expensive? Depends… Google AdWords use the system of CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). So if you choose to use the CPC, you just pay each time your ad gets a click. In CPM, you pay everytime your ads is shown one thousand times to users. We must say this is not that “expensive” considering the Return of Investment you could have by using this service. And how’s the return of investment works? You must stay tuned because we will reveal them soon!